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Yamashiro of Hollywood Food Truck Wrap

Updated: Jun 5, 2023

When the Iconic Restaurant Yamashiro decided to take their amazing food from their Mountain Palace on the Hollywood Hills to the Streets of Los Angeles, they needed a Food Truck Wrap that would turn heads. After working on a couple of renditions with another company they asked us to take over the project. Although they had incorporated everything they'd asked, for some reason it didn't seem complete to their vision. After reviewing the project and discussing the clients goal we immediately aligned visions.

Here are the 3 key feature of the design we changed and are essential to creating a powerful food truck wrap.

  1. Custom Illustration with a consistent design style - Although the first design had a great illustration of a dragon, it was way too busy and clashing with the design style of the other design elements. We created each illustration keeping consistent with the overall design style of the food truck wrap.

  2. Subtle but detailed background - Again simplicity is always best, especially when designing for a Japanese 🇯🇵 restaurant. We simplified the background and tried to focus on texture and layers for background pattern. This provided depth to 2D illustrations while creating a subtle scenic red background.

  3. Captivating Messaging - We believe that part of branding is a combination of a captivating graphic design and powerful messaging. Yamashiro didn't plan on offering their entire menu via the food truck only Yakitori (Japanese BBQ on a skewer); we came up with the slogan "Yamashiro on a Stick". Simple but direct to statement of what they were offering.

Need help from branding from design to execution, we got you covered (wrapped). We are experts at creating powerful brand communication, let's collaborate on your next project.

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