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Swag Packs Can Build Brand Loyalty

Updated: May 30, 2023

Who doesn't love swag? Nobody.

But did you know gifting clients or new hires can Promote & Grow your Brand.

Weather you're onboarding a new hire to your team or welcoming a new client; Onboarding Packets (a.k.a. Swag Packs) with your Branded Promotional Items are a great way to build brand loyalty and introduce them to your company culture. A great "Welcome Bundle" should include items that employees/clients will not only love but will use on the daily; your customer and employees can be advocates and promoters of your brand 365/24/7.

A well Branded Promotional Item, is subtle but constant reminder of your Brand Awesomeness.

How should use Swag Packs to Promote & Grow my Brand Loyalty?

Have an Onboarding Plan and project ahead; consider how many new hires or new clients you might expect throughout the year. Order your bundle ahead of time with a couple to spare. A great Onboarding Plan should include your promotional bundle along with a personalized greeting; such as a hand signed greeting card. Determining when the best time to give your bundle is really important, few things to consider:

• If they are a new hire, the first day on the job is best. This will make them feel welcome and give them swag to rep your brand from day one.

• For prospects, delivering right before the time of final decision, can help win them and their business over.

• For new clients, ship them within 1-3 days from their purchase or commitment to your company. This will as arrive a few days after they made their decision, reassuring them they made the right choice with you.

So, what should you include in your Promo Bundle?

Your Promotional Item Bundle should be fun, practical and align with your branding and company culture. Think about your client or new hire; what will your brand communicate to them. Here are five of the most popular categories and swag to help your build your next bundle/packet:


- T- Shirts

- Hat/Cap

- Hoodie

- Socks (yes, socks!)


- Insulated Bottles

- Tumblers

- Mugs

- Shot Glasses

- Beer Glasses

Mobile Accessories

- Popsockets

- Batteries Banks

- Cell Phone Cases

Writing Accessories

- Pens

- Journals / Notebooks

ª• Bags

- Tote Bags

- Book Bags

- Fanny Packs

Need help customizing your own Swag Pack for next big client or star recruit, we can help. We have a team of branding experts, design creative and production specialist ready to help you Promote & Grow.

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